The School for Petrophysical Modeling of Sedimentary Rocks - Baltic PetroModel - is an international scientific event held by the Lomonosov Moscow State University Oil and Gas Center and the Schmidt Institute of Physics of the Earth RAS, with participation of Saint-Petersburg University Oil and Gas Center and Euro-Asian Geophysical Society.

The first School took place in September 2012 and received much attention from specialists working in service and oil & gas companies as well as scientists and university lecturers.

PetroModel is a platform for discussing the most topical issues of current oil & gas geology and geophysics, a meeting venue for a diversity of specialists: geologists, geophysicists, geochemists, mathematicians, programmers and all those who are involved in the problem of studying physical properties of sedimentary rocks including reservoir formations on various scale levels, from core sample microstructures to the entity of a sedimentary basin, using different methods, from micro-structural X-ray tomography to seismic survey and mathematical modeling of stress condition of mass and fluid filtration.

As we know, the geological model is built with ‘bricks’ – elements with given properties, the reliability of which has rarely been discussed at technical conference sessions in the last decade. The goals of the previous years included distribution of knowledge of technologies, overcoming interdisciplinary barriers and nurturing a generation of specialists in different fields who could understand each other and work together as a team. Young specialists who participated in the first conferences have become leading geologists and geophysicists in various companies, the discussions finished in compiling procedure documents, the use of stochastic inversion is determined by the customer, and geologists have no trouble differentiating resilient impedance from all other types…

However, are those ‘bricks’ as resilient and indivisible? Is it natural for them to be quadrangular or should they support the shape of the geological body? Will a complex of small fractures be able to resist a coming wave, and a fractured corridor – to close under the pressure of circumstances? These are good questions. They have always been there but we had no time for them before. We need to go back. Almost everything we know is already programmed and transformed into technology. It is time to restore not only fossil fuels but intellectual resources as well. There are some, they have come to universities but they need to be certified and be brought on the books.

The first two days of the School will be dedicated to lectures and seminars, the next three - to talks within the framework of the Technical Programme.

We invite you to participate in the School!

Mikhail Tokarev

Chairman of Organizing Committee

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Обращение президента РАН академика В.Е.Фортова от 4.10.2013 г. 10/04/2013

"Несколько дней назад введен в действие Закон «о реформе Академии … ». Перевернута еще одна страница истории Академии наук, и начинается новый этап нашей академической жизни...." >>
Category: Общие

Правила подачи материалов для публикации на сайте Института 11/15/2013

Система управления сайтом устроена таким образом, что каждый сотрудник, обладающий базовыми навыками работы MS Office и интернет-браузеров Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera и др., имеет возможность создавать страницы с произвольным содержанием,... >>
Category: Интернет сайт, Сотрудникам

Протокол No 2/2013 расширенного заседания Научного совета РАН по проблемам сейсмологии 12/25/2013

Протокол заседания 28 ноября 2013 года: Решение научного Совета: Заслушав и обсудив сообщение д.ф.-м.н. Ф.Ф.Аптикаева (ИФЗ РАН), научный Совет решил:  Не отмечено серьезных недостатков в предлагаемой Новой Российской Сейсмической... >>
Category: Научный совет по проблемам сейсмологии РАН

Промысловые исследования по изучению развития техногенных трещин в нагнетательных скважинах и их интеграция в гидродинамические модели 09/20/2013

Давлетбаев А.Я., Рабцевич С.А. >>
Category: Углеводородные системы, Геомеханника, Изучение и моделирование продессов добычи УВ

Identification of nontectonic signals from near sources by “Mikhnevo” small aperture seismic array

I.A. Sanina, M.A. Nesterkina, N.L. Konstantinovskayа, E.M. Gorbunova >>
Category: 14-4

Landslide monitoring at the North Caucasus railroad using SAR data of different wavelength and corner reflector

V.O. Mikhailov, E.A. Kiseleva, E.I. Smolyaninova, P.N. Dmitriev, Yu.A. Golubeva, Yu.S. Isaev, K.A. Dorokhin, E.P. Timoshkina, S.A. Khairetdinov, V.I. Golubev >>
Category: 14-4

Aerogravity survey of the offshore Kamchatka area of the Pacific ocean

V.N. Koneshov, V.N. Solovyev, V.V. Pogorelov, D.V. Abramov, A.V. Makushin, N.V. Drobyshev, V.V. Klevtsov >>
Category: 15-3

A magnetic survey of the Bronze Age archaeological settlements in the South Urals

N.V. Fedorova, V.V. Noskewich, V.S. Ivanchenko, A.S. Bebnev, A.V. Malikov >>
Category: 15-3

Analysis of magnetic field of the frontal area of the central part of the Kurile Island Arc

Y.V. Brusilovsky, B.V. Baranov, P.S. Babayants >>
Category: 15-3

Local multiscale estimation of the gravity anomaly from aerogravity data 10/07/2014

Yu.V. Bolotin, V.S. Vyazmin >>
Category: 15-3

Some features of the Central Arctic ocean structure according to results of magnetovariation data modeling factoring in the equiva-lent source

I.L. Trofimov, M.S. Zhdanov, S.M. Korotaev, M.O. Kruglyakov, D.A. Orekhova, I.V. Popova, V.S. Shneyer, Yu.G. Schors >>
Category: 15-3

Characteristics of fault structures according to electric soundings. Fault modeling

N.N. Nevedrova, A.M. Sanchaa, I.V. Surodina >>
Category: 15-3

Modeling of influence of properties of formation damage zone on early production dynamics

A. A. Makarova, D.N. Mikhailov, V.V. Shako >>
Category: 15-1

Convective cells of internal gravity vortices in the Earth atmosphere with zonal wind

O.G. Onishchenko, O.A. Pokhotelov, N.M. Astafieva >>
Category: 14-3

Changes in the geomagnetic field and magnetic tipper in the Baikal rift zone

Y.F. Moroz, G.I. Tatkov, T.A. Моrоz, Z.A. Tubanov, P.А. Predein >>
Category: 14-3

Geoelectrical studies of background caving preprocess

E.N. Volkova, P.A. Kaznacheev, A.N. Kamshilin, V.V. Popov >>
Category: 14-3

This year’s anniversaries

To Valentin Ivanovich Ulomov’s 80th anniversary >>
Category: 14-3

The magnetic model of the north-eastern region of Europe

N.V. Fedorova, V.V. Kolmogorova, A.L. Roublev, A.G. Tsidaev >>
Category: 14-2

Ground surface temperature reconstruction over the last 30,000 years from Onega parametric borehole temperature data

D.Yu. Demezhko, A.A. Gornostaeva, G.V. Tarkhanov, O.A. Esipko >>
Category: 14-2

An additional resonator for ultralow frequency waves

B.V. Dovbnya, A.V. Guglielmi, A.S. Potapov, R.A. Rakhmatulin >>
Category: 14-2


In memory of Yuri K. Schukin (14.02.1937 – 27.12.2012) >>
Category: 14-2

Aftershock process of Tuva earthquake of 27.12.2011

S.V. Baranov, V.I. German, V.G. Oseev >>
Category: 14-1

On the nonlinear antipode effect of the earthquakes

A.V. Guglielmi, O.D. Zotov >>
Category: 14-1

Numerical modeling of SH-waves in an inhomogeneous inelastic Earth

V.Yu. Burmin, D.S. Kravtsov, I.V. Lukiyanov, A.G. Fatyanov >>
Category: 15-2

Nonlinearity in Parker’s dynamo model

M.Yu. Reshetnyak >>
Category: 15-2

In memory of Sergei S. Arefiev

(1952 – 2012) >>
Category: 13-1


In Memory of Artur Ya. Saltykovsky >>
Category: 15-2

Analysis of airborne gravimetry data using spherical wavelets

Yu.V. Bolotin, V.S. Vyazmin >>
Category: 13-2

Estimation of full vector of displacements of the Earth' surface and technogenic objects based on InSAR data applied to oil and gas production areas

V.O. Mikhailov, E.A. Kiseleva, P.N. Dmitriev, V.I. Golubev, E.I. Smolyaninova, E.P. Timoshkina >>
Category: 13-3

Finite-element technologies of interpretation of gravity data. Assembly method

P.I. Balk, A.S. Dolgal’, T.V. Balk, L.A.Christenko >>
Category: 13-3

On the radially heterogeneous media elastic deformation within source zones

M.S. Molodenskiy, D.S. Molodenskiy >>
Category: 13-3

Efficiency of the Arkhangelsk' seismic network for Arctic region monitoring

F.N. Yudahin, A.N. Morozov, Y.V. Konechnaya >>
Category: 13-3

Finite-element technologies of interpretation of gravity data. Guaranteed approach

P.I. Balk, A.S. Dolgal’, T.V. Balk, L.A.Christenko >>
Category: 13-4

Elastic medium with plane-parallel borders

I.P. Dobrovolsky >>
Category: 13-4

ФАНО России обсудило с сибирскими учеными будущее российской науки 11/18/2014

ФАНО России провело в Новосибирском Академгородке форсайт-сессию, посвященную приоритетам развития отечественной науки. Цель мероприятия заключалась в том, чтобы сравнить взгляд государства на ключевые задачи, которые стоят перед научным сообществом... >>

Diffuse α-β transition in surface layer of natural quartz

G.A. Sobolev, V.I. Vettegren, S.M. Kireenkova, Ju.A. Morozov, A.I. Smul'skaja, R.I. Mamalimov, V.B. Kulik >>
Category: 15-4

Our Authors

2014 >>
Category: 15-4

0104T 128-1-54 Газобетон Ytong 03/31/2015

Category: Ytong

Подача тезисов: Морские исследования и образование (MARESEDU – 2015) 04/28/2015

До 1 июля 2015 года необходимо представить аннотацию доклада — 100-200 слов на русском или английском языке. Реферат должен содержать описание и выводы доклада и отнесен к одному из направлений технической программы. 1 августа 2015 года авторам... >>
Category: Конференции, Научная жизнь

New opportunities for the use of long-baseline hydrostatic levels for measuring some of the global (planetary) geophysical effects

A.B. Маnukin, O.S. Kazantseva, I.I. Kalinnikov, S.V. Bekhterev, V.I. Rebrov >>
Category: 16-2

GNSS measurements in Northeast Asia

O.N. Galaganov, T.V. Guseva, I.S. Krupennikova, V.P. Perederin >>
Category: 16-1

On global ultralow frequency electromagnetic signals prior to earthquakes

N.A. Kosterin, V.A. Pilipenko, E.M. Dmitriev >>
Category: 16-1

Tectonic stress as additional termodynamic factor of metamorphism (Northern Ladoga region)

A.L. Kulakovsky, Yu.A. Morozov, A.I. Smul'skaya >>
Category: 16-1

A model of the magnetically active layer of Western Mezen syneclise

Yu.V. Brusilovsky, V.A. Bush >>
Category: 16-1
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