Identification of nontectonic signals from near sources by “Mikhnevo” small aperture seismic array

Category: 14-4
I.A. Sanina, M.A. Nesterkina, N.L. Konstantinovskayа, E.M. Gorbunova


UDC 550.34.016


I.A. Sanina, M.A. Nesterkina, N.L. Konstantinovskayа, E.M. Gorbunova


Institute of Geospheres Dynamics RAS, Moscow, Russia



Among the variety of weak seismic signals, impulses of various origin with duration from 12 to 810 seconds are of special interest. As a rule, the majority of studies are devoted to analysis of the natural signals, caused by activity of separate crustal blocks. At the same time a number of technogenic signals are frequently mistakenly treated as natural ones due to similarity of such parameters as their duration, frequency content, etc.

This paper presents the results of extraction of technogenic impuases from the sources located on the surface (moving cars, working units, etc.) and at depths in a borehole up to 46 m from all other impulses recorded at “Mikhnevo” small aperture seismic array (SASA “Mikhnevo”).

    The signals of external (exogenous) origin caused by passing thunder storm fronts which can be wrongly referred to signals of tectonic origin are analyzed separately.

Keywords: small aperture seismic array, impulse signal, technogenic noise, frequency content.



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