Aerogravity survey of the offshore Kamchatka area of the Pacific ocean

Category: 15-3
V.N. Koneshov, V.N. Solovyev, V.V. Pogorelov, D.V. Abramov, A.V. Makushin, N.V. Drobyshev, V.V. Klevtsov


UDC 550.312, 550.8.02, 550.83.045


V.N. Koneshov, V.N. Solovyev, V.V. Pogorelov, D.V. Abramov, A.V. Makushin, N.V. Drobyshev, V.V. Klevtsov


Schmidt Institute of Physics of the Earth, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia


Abstract. In September-October 2013 the Institute of Physics of the Earth RAS conducted an aerogravity survey of the onshore tectonic structures of the Kamchatka Peninsula and the adjoining water area of the Pacific Ocean. The article discusses the techniques used and demonstrates results of the study.

The studied area encompasses the territory of the Kronotsky peninsula and Kronotsky bay and the bay of Kamchatka. A new high quality map of the free air gravity anomalies of the region under study was compiled for studying the area. It is the first case in Russia when a high precision gravity map has been constructed for a region, having a horizontal gravity gradient above 10–15 mGal/km corresponding to the first-class gravity survey according to the Russian Ministry of defense regulations.  

Keywords: aerogravity, gravimetric measurements, gravitational anomalies, Kamchatka. 


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