Analysis of magnetic field of the frontal area of the central part of the Kurile Island Arc

Category: 15-3
Y.V. Brusilovsky, B.V. Baranov, P.S. Babayants



UDC 550.838.3 

Y.V. Brusilovsky(1), B.V. Baranov(1), P.S. Babayants(2)


(1) Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, Moscow, Russia

(2) Aerogeophysica Inc., Moscow, Russia


Abstract. An area of negative polarity was distinguished and contoured on the base of magnetic field analysis. This area is confined to subsided part of the Vityaz Ridge and corresponds to an area of the crust extension and destruction. Inverse problem solutions lead to the conclusion that extension and destruction of the crust were accompanied with intrusion of magmatic rocks mostly during the age of inverse polarity. Presence of local positive magnetization anomalies in this area may be explained by superimposed volcanic activity associated with subsequent stage of magmatism related to the positive polarity period.

Based on magnetic field structure and bedrock dating we suggest that the extension zone in the fore-arc area was formed in the Late Oligocene, which approximately corresponds to the beginning of the Kurile Basin opening and volcanic arc formation.



Keywords: magnetic field, magnetic polarity, inverse problem, the zone of destruction, Kuril Island volcanic Arc.




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