A magnetic survey of the Bronze Age archaeological settlements in the South Urals

Category: 15-3
N.V. Fedorova, V.V. Noskewich, V.S. Ivanchenko, A.S. Bebnev, A.V. Malikov


UDC 550.8.056


N.V. Fedorova, V.V. Noskewich, V.S. Ivanchenko,

A.S. Bebnev, A.V. Malikov


Bulashevich Institute of Geophysics of Urals Branch RAS, Ekaterinburg, Russia


Abstract. A detailed micromagnetic survey of Bronze Age archaeological fortified settlements in the South Urals is being discussed. The resulting magnetic maps of Olgino, Konoplyanka and Sarym-Sakly settlements the positions of the remains of the external ramparts, ditches, and defensive walls are confidently defined. The results of the magnetic survey were used for reconstruction of internal interiors of settlements. The data of the magnetic survey contains a noise caused by near-surface sources. In order to investigate the details of the structure of the ancient settlement sites various kinds of transformation of the magnetic data have been applied which is in connection with their considerable noise pollution from surface sources. This data allows to restore the internal lay-out of ancient settlement sites.


Keywords: micromagnetic survey, Southern Urals, filtration, archaeology, Bronze Age settlements.



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