Velocity heterogeneities of the crust of the south-eastern coast of the White Sea based on microseismic soundings method

Category: 14-3
V.I. Frantsuzova, V.I. Makarov, K.B. Danilov


UDC 550.34 



V.I. Frantsuzova, V.I. Makarov, K.B. Danilov


Institute of Ecological Problems of the North, Ural Branch of RAS, Arkhangelsk, Russia



The article describes the results of studies of the earth's crust using microseismic oscillations. The measurements were performed along the Kiand–Vorzogory profile (Onega Peninsula). Processing of recorded data was performed by the method of microseismic sounding (MSM). The resulting geophysical section is consistent with previous work and adds to the existing geophysical information about the structure of the crust in the studied site.

Keywords: microseismic sounding, earth's crust, Onega Peninsula.



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