Geoelectrical studies of background caving preprocess

Category: 14-3
E.N. Volkova, P.A. Kaznacheev, A.N. Kamshilin, V.V. Popov


UDC 550.8



E.N. Volkova(1), P.A. Kaznacheev(1), A.N. Kamshilin(1), V.V. Popov(2)


(1) Schmidt Institute of Physics of the Earth, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia

(2) National Research University “Moscow Power Engineering Institute”, Moscow, Russia



Methodological principles for the geodynamic event monitoring with the geoelectrical methods are presented. The results of the equipotential method application for recording of enclosed underground caving under physical simulation are given. The possibility of development of the monitoring system based on current line observation are considered taking into account the results obtained. A mathematical model of the local current meter is developed and the dependence of the output signal on the electric field parameters is studied. Laboratory and field experiments are performed and compared to the results of modeling.

Keywords: geoelectrical monitoring, equipotential installation, measurement of current density, measurer of a local current, modeling.



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