The magnetic model of the north-eastern region of Europe

Category: 14-2
N.V. Fedorova, V.V. Kolmogorova, A.L. Roublev, A.G. Tsidaev


UDC 550.831



N.V. Fedorova, V.V. Kolmogorova, A.L. Roublev, A.G. Tsidaev


Bulashevich Institute of Geophysics, Ural Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences,

Yekaterinburg, Russia



This paper describes the results of the Earth crust study in the north-eastern region of Europe. We performed modeling of magnetization distribution along DSS profiles which revealed structural features of the upper lithosphere. The conclusion is made that the longwave magnetic anomalies can be caused by the lower crust layer whose average depth is 20 km. We reconstructed the bottom boundary of the magnetized layer in the lower crust. In the area of Timan-Pechora regional negative magnetic anomaly the magnetized layer boundary in the lower crust goes down to 25–30 km, and in the north-east region of the East European Craton it goes up to 14 km. The maximum boundary rise of 12 km is located inside the Ilychevsk anomaly of the Urals foredeep.

Keywords: magnetic anomalies, magnetic model, inverse problem, analytical continuation.



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