An additional resonator for ultralow frequency waves

Category: 14-2
B.V. Dovbnya, A.V. Guglielmi, A.S. Potapov, R.A. Rakhmatulin


UDC 550.385.37+550.383 


B.V. Dovbnya(1), A.V. Guglielmi(2), A.S. Potapov(3), R.A. Rakhmatulin(3)


(1) Borok Geophysical Observatory of Schmidt Institute of Physics of the Earth RAS,
Borok, Yaroslavl region, Russia

(2) Schmidt Institute of Physics of the Earth, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia

(3) Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics SB RAS, Irkutsk, Russia



Using observations of ultralow frequency emissions at two mid-latitude stations we describe resonance structures similar to spectral bounds formed by ionospheric Alfvèn resonator (IAR), but differing from them in frequency and spectrum evolution. Properties of the observed resonance signals and their distinctions from emissions typical for IAR were analyzed. We suggested that the detected emission was generated in the over-ionospheric Alfvèn resonator (OAR) was made. Estimates of the OAR eigen frequencies made basing on similarity of this resonator to the magnetospheric Alfvèn resonator were compared with measurements. An alternative explanation of detected resonance structure nature is discussed.

Keywords: magnetic observations, ultralow frequency emissions, ionospheric and magnetospheric Alfvèn resonators.



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