Geodynamical conditions formation of lacustrine kettles located at fault lines in the South and Middle Urals

Category: 14-2
A.A. Rasskazov, E.Y. Vasilieva, E.S. Gorbatov


UDC 551.248.2, 552.143


A.A. Rasskazov, E.Y. Vasilieva, E.S. Gorbatov


Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, Moscow, Russia



Two major systems of faults showing recent kinematic and seismic activity were identified at the junction zone of the South and the Middle Urals. Investigations of spatial distribution of modern lake depressions and tectonic fractures have shown that some of the lakes in the eastern periorogenic zones were formed in fault-related depressions situated in special type sectors of local stretching in the areas of interaction between the two systems of active strike-slip dislocation. We propose a fault block model of lacustrine kettles with wedge-shaped morphology, showing that this type of depression is a kinematic indicator of faults. The analysis of lithofacies and petrographic characteristics of lacustrine formations of the Urals shows that dynamic interaction of long-lived faults are a relief-forming factor that control the distribution of lithofacies and postsedimentation conversion.

Keywords: the Urals, active faults, strike-slip dislocation, lacustrine kettles, fault block model, kinematic indicator, lacustrine complexes, coal formation.



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