Algorithms and examples of application of adaptive noise cancellers for the processing of geomagnetic data

Category: 14-1
A.N. Zaitsev, V.I. Odintsov




UDC 550.380, 550.385



A.N. Zaitsev, V.I. Odintsov


Pushkov Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and Radio Wave Propagation (IZMIRAN),
 Troitsk, Moscow Region, Russia



It is shown that one of the effective methods of analysis of a geomagnetic data for the purpose of allocation of the variations pattern is the so-called method of adaptive noise cancelling. Properties of computing algorithm of the least squares Widrow–Hoff method in application to adaptive noise cancellers and rejection filters making are analyzed. Examples of application of adaptive noise cancellers in various aspects of processing the geomagnetic data are demonstrated. It is possible to refer to them such applications as suppression of undesirable components, including periodic, at research of local effects of a geomagnetic field, investigation of noise permanence, allocation of a harmonic components of broadband signals, etc. It is noticed that the spectral-temporal analysis of the data with the help of rejection filters, possesses such high permission in time area which can't be received classical methods of the spectral analysis.

Keywords: geomagnetic field, adaptive noise canceller, suppression of noise, allocation of the variations pattern.



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