Peculiarities of quasi-linear dynamics of diamagnetic instability of space plasmas

Category: 14-1
O.A. Pokhotelov, O.G. Onishchenko



UDC 550.38



O.A. Pokhotelov, O.G. Onishchenko


Schmidt Institute of Physics of the Earth, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia



A theory of the nonlinear evolution of the mirror mode near instability threshold is developed. It is found that during initial stage the major instability saturation is provided by the flattening of the ion distribution function in the resonant region. The instability relaxation is connected with rapid attenuation of resonant particle interaction which is replaced by a weaker adiabatic interaction with mirror modes. The saturated plasma state can be considered as a magnetic counterpart to electrostatic Bernstein, Greene and Kruskal (BGK) modes [Bernstein, Greene, Kruskal, 1959]. After quasi-linear saturation a further nonlinear scenario is controlled by the mode coupling effects and nonlinear variation of the ion Larmor radius. Our analytical model is verified by “particle-in-cell” (PIC) numerical simulations. Test particle and PIC simulations indeed show that it is a modification of distribution function at small parallel velocities that results in fading away of free energy driving the mirror mode.

Keywords: MHD waves and turbulence, magnetosheath, nonlinear phenomena.



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