The role of heavy ions in the nonlinear modification of magnetospheric plasma under the influence of the ULF waves

Category: 15-2
A.K. Nekrasov, F.Z. Feygin


UDC 550.344



A.K. Nekrasov, F.Z. Feygin


Schmidt Institute of Physics of the Earth, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia


Abstract. A relationship for the ponderomotive force in realistic multi-component magnetospheric plasma containing several species heavy ions is given. The nonlinear stationary balance equation taking into account electromagnetic, gravitational, and centrifugal forces in the plasma consisting of electrons, protons and two species of heavy ions (He+ and O+) is obtained. The equation of force balance is solved numerically to obtain the nonlinear distribution of hydrogen ions (H+) along the magnetic field line in the presence of heavy ions. It has been shown that for frequencies less than the oxygen gyrofrequency at the equator a nonlinear plasma density perturbation has a maximum in the vicinity of the equator due to the action of ponderomotive and centrifugal forces. Comparison of the nonlinear density distributions in dipolar and non-dipolar dayside magnetosphere is provided. The results show that the presence of heavy ions causes a decrease of the proton density in the equator vicinity.


Keywords: magnetosphere, plasma, ponderomotive force, heavy ions.



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