On the ponderomotive force due to the ion-cyclotron wave near ion gyrofrequency

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A.V. Guglielmi


UDC 550.38 550.386




A.V. Guglielmi


Schmidt Institute of Physics of the Earth, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia



The paper is devoted to the ponderomotive force in the vicinity of an isolated pole of the refractive index of ion cyclotron waves. It is shown that if the plasma contains electrons and ions of one species, then the thermal motion of ions eliminates the unlimited growth of force in the pole. The task is more complicated if the plasma is multicomponent, i.e., contains several species of ions with different charge to mass ratio. The hydrogen plasma containing a small admixture of heavy ions such as O+ has been analyzed in detail. It is shown that the full force must be decomposed into the partial forces acting separately on the light and heavy ions in the collisionless plasma. It has been found that the thermal motion does not eliminate the singularity in the plasma with a sufficiently low concentration of heavy ions. We found the reason for the appearance of the singularity and the way the regularization of the ponderomotive force. The stationary flow of a small admixture of heavy ions in the vicinity of the local gyrofrequency has been considered briefly.

Keywords: magnetosphere, electromagnetic waves, ponderomotive forces.



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