Bayessian classifier in solution of the problem of probability forecasting of material composition of deep horizons of the Earth’s crust from geophysical data

Category: 13-1
P.A. Lelyaev, A.Ya. Saltykovskiy, M.E. Semenov, V.V. Matskovskiy


UDC 550.34.012



P.A. Lelyaev(1), A.Ya. Saltykovskiy(1), M.E. Semenov(2), V.V. Matskovskiy(3)


(1) Schmidt Institute of Physics of the Earth, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia

(2) Voronezh State University, Voronezh, Russia

(3) Institute of Geography, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia



A model of rock type classification by its density and speed founded on the classical Bayesian classifier is proposed. As of the object of research in the article considered the Voronezh crystalline massif, well-studied by geophysical methods.

Keywords: classification, algorithm, rock, speed, density, probability.



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