Improved solutions of macroseismic field and focal mechanism of the Krimean earthquakes, 1927

Category: 13-1
A.A. Nikonov


UDC 550.34:53,55+550.342.5,344(477.75)



A.A. Nikonov


Schmidt Institute of Physics of the Earth, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia



Two destructive Crimean earthquakes, 26.VI (M=6.0) and 11.IX.1927 (M=6.8), are considered thoroughly basing on extensive set of macroseismic data (81 and 193 sites for the first and the second events correspondingly). Newly compiled versions of macroseismic field maps are presented. Specific features of macroseismic fields, location of epicenters, source parameters are inferred and discussed. Corrected parameters of the events together with historical retrospective are used to estimate long-time seismic potential of the Yalta source area within the Crimea region.

Keywords: Krimean earthquakes, map of isoseismals, macroseismic research, macroseismic field, focal mechanism, long-term seismic danger.



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