Finite-element technologies of interpretation of gravity data. Guaranteed approach

Category: 13-4
P.I. Balk, A.S. Dolgal’, T.V. Balk, L.A.Christenko


UDC 550.831



P.I. Balk(1), A.S. Dolgal’(2), T.V. Balk(1), L.A.Christenko(2)


(1) Berlin, Germany

(2) Mining Institute Ural Branch Russian Academy of Sciences, Perm, Russia



The main disadvantages of traditional forms for the representation of results of interpretation of gravity anomalies in terms of single allowable (optimal) solution of inverse problem are emphasized. Authors suggest that the most total extraction of reliable information from observed gravity data is impossible without the construction and purposeful analysis of some representational subset of possible variants of interpretation. We entrust to guaranteed approach the solution of this problem. Guaranteed approach was very useful in different areas of applied mathematics but it hasn’t high profile in geophysical research.

The most general description of the guaranteed approach of inverse problem solution as compared with already published specifications is given here. Authors also give the method of structuring of geological medium as the development this conception. Assembly algorithms are offered as main tools for realization of guaranteed approach. The efficacy of complex “guaranteed approach – assembly method” is illustrated on practical examples.

Keywords: gravitational exploration, guaranteed approach, assembly method, modeling, algorithm, geological objects.



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