Estimation of geophysical data inversion quality by statistical method

Category: 13-4
I.M. Aleshin


UDC 550.340



I.M. Aleshin


Schmidt Institute of Physics of the Earth, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia



Possibilities of seismic velocity profile under the station construction by inversion of joined teleseismic events and surface wave data were discussed. Receiver function waveform, Rayleigh wave spectrum and travel time of S-wave, converted at 410 km boundary were used. Proposed inversion procedure is a combination of approximate inverse problem solution and estimation of parameter resolution by statistical approach. As an example International project SVEKALAPKO data was used. It is shown that dataset permit us to construct a seismic velocity profile up to 220–250 km depth.

Keywords: inverse problem, a posteriori distribution function.



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