Diffuse α-β transition in surface layer of natural quartz

Category: 15-4
G.A. Sobolev, V.I. Vettegren, S.M. Kireenkova, Ju.A. Morozov, A.I. Smul'skaja, R.I. Mamalimov, V.B. Kulik


UDC 550.32


G.A. Sobolev(1), V.I. Vettegren(2), S.M. Kireenkova(1), Ju.A. Morozov(1), A.I. Smul'skaja(1), R.I. Mamalimov(2), V.B. Kulik(2)


(1) Schmidt Institute of Physics of the Earth, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia

(2) Ioffe Physical Technical Institute RAS, St. Petersburg, Russia


Abstract. Temperature dependence of a-phase concentration was investigated by infrared and Raman spectroscopy in the surface layers and volume of plates cut from the quartz crystal being the part of drusen deposits Dodo in the Polar Urals. It was found that in the volume the temperature dependence behaves as expected for the first-order phase transition, namely, before 800 K, it remains constant and at higher temperatures, tends to zero. In the surface layers ~0.15 and ~1 mm thick, the a-phase concentration decreases monotonically by ~10% with the increase in temperature up to 780  K. In the layer at a depth of ~6 mm, temperature dependence of a-phase concentration has two minima at ~370 and ~570 K, where the concentration is reduced by approximately half. The observed relation between a-phase concentration and increase in temperature was explained by crystal lattice distortion near spiral dislocations in the surface layers of quartz. Tensile stresses appear in the surface layer about 1 mm thick and reach 170 MPa at 780 K. The cracks are formed under the influence of the stresses which cause fracture of the sample. The initiation of tensile stress was explained by increase in the layer volume located at a distance of ~6 mm from the surface due to increase of b-phase concentration in it.


Keywords: quartz, phase transition, internal stresses.


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