Variations of rocks apparent resistivity as an indicator of stress-deformed state of the medium

Category: 15-4
E.A. Bataleva, A.K. Rybin, V.Y. Batalev


UDC 550.372+551.2



E.A. Bataleva, A.K. Rybin, V.Y. Batalev


Research Station RAS in Bishkek, Bishkek City, Kyrgyz Republic


Abstract. This paper presents the results of magnetotelluric monitoring carried out by the Research Station of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Bishkek. Variations of apparent electrical resistance are studied with respect to interconnection with lunisolar tidal influence. Characteristic changes in parameters studied are found and can be explained by redistribution of fluids through the system of cracks. It is shown that seismic events are related to the zones of high gradients of variations studied. The analysis of time-and-frequency series of magnetotelluric monitoring data revealed regularities in apparent resistivity changes and location (azimuths) of earthquake epicenters in the time intervals considered.


Keywords: apparent electrical resistance, electromagnetic field, lunisolar tides, stressed and deformed state of medium, seismic mode.



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