GNSS measurements in Northeast Asia

Category: 16-1
O.N. Galaganov, T.V. Guseva, I.S. Krupennikova, V.P. Perederin



UDC 528.2/3



O.N. Galaganov, T.V. Guseva, I.S. Krupennikova, V.P. Perederin


Schmidt Institute of Physics of the Earth, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia


Abstract. In this paper the results of GNSS measurements in Northeast Asia are considered. It is revealed that horizontal displacements of points in the ITRF system occurred with an average rate of 22.3 mm/year in the southeast azimuth 134° for the period 20092012, which is comparable with the measurements of 19982002. The measurements data allow us to evaluate the rate of strain accumulation in the studied region. For independently determined baselines between points there are linear deformations rates obtained using their changes over different time intervals. The rates of linear deformations of –1.9×108 per year (shortening) up to 2.4×108 per year (extension) allow us to get an image of modern deformation of this region. The most part of the studied area is characterized by shortening; the most magnitudes of extension and shortening are typical for the seismic activity belt.

                The velocities of horizontal movements calculated with relation to different reference frames using modern models shows that the Cherskiy belt within a large orogenic system in Northeast Asia is a part of the Eurasian lithospheric plate.


Keywords: GNSS measurements, Northeastern Asia, rates, movements, deformations, Eurasia, lithospheric plate.


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