On global ultralow frequency electromagnetic signals prior to earthquakes

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N.A. Kosterin, V.A. Pilipenko, E.M. Dmitriev


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N.A. Kosterin, V.A. Pilipenko, E.M. Dmitriev


Schmidt Institute of Physics of the Earth, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia


Abstract. We analyzed in detail some of global electromagnetic ULF signals supposedly occurring before earthquakes, as was reported in numerous publications and reports from the Northern Caucasus Observatory. However, the comparison of these “precursory” signals with data from other mid-latitude magnetic stations showed that an entire set of morphological properties of these signals: typical frequencies and waveforms, occurrence local time, latitudinal dependence of amplitude, etc., indicate that they belong to typical magnetospheric Pi2 and Рс3-4 pulsations. Thus, there is no convincing evidence of the quasi-monochromatic ULF signal occurrence preceding earthquakes.


Keywords: electromagnetic precursors of earthquakes, anomalous ULF signals, geomagnetic pulsations.


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