Seasonal dynamics of cyclonic and seismic activity in areas of tropical cyclones

Category: 16-1
D.A. Lysenko, M.I. Yaroshevich


UDC 551.515.2





D.A. Lysenko, M.I. Yaroshevich


Institute of Experimental Meteorology Research and Production Association “Typhoon”,

Obninsk, Kaluga Region, Russia


Abstract. New research results on the likely impact of tropical cyclones on seismic activity in the areas of their actions are considered. At present, the direct calculation of the impact of tropical cyclones on the earth's crust is impossible. This is primarily due to the fact that information on the state of the crust and on the dynamics of the intensity distribution in the crust in space and time is unavailable to researchers. In this regard, the studies conducted solve a kind of an inverse problem comparing the average monthly dynamics of seismic and cyclonic activity and assessing the likely impact of tropical cyclones on the seismicity of the region based on these properties. Here, to develop earlier results, four regions are considered: in the north-western Pacific (Japan and the Far East), in the eastern Pacific and the western Atlantic. It is shown that in these areas the corresponding average monthly dynamics of cyclonic and seismic activity are similar and in all cases the maximum intensity is reached in late summer and autumn months. Also the correlation between the annual values of seismic and cyclonic energies in the designated areas is determined. The obtained results reinforce the earlier assumptions that tropical cyclones may be considered as a factor affecting seismicity in the areas of their action.


Keywords: tropical cyclones, earthquakes, cyclone energy, the energy of earthquakes.


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